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Art journey

I used to get frustrated when I would see other artist accomplish things that I have tried. At times I couldn’t understand why things didn’t workout. I put in the same time if not more but it didn’t work.

It made me feel like I wasn’t good enough as an artist. I just didn’t understand, I attended the art shows and networking events and things just didn’t workout. When I say workout I mean (art sales).

So I decided to do something different, I started displaying my art in different ways. I brought a t-shirt press and started placing my artwork on t-shirts, stickers, bags, etc. I also changed how I display my work. I would display paintings with matching t-shirts. Also I started doing more craft shows and less Artshow‘s because people at craft show buy things they like.

This seems to work for me a little better then what I doing before, I came to terms that this is how my journey begins. I realized somethings work for some people and not others. Sometimes you have to just keep refreshing what you are doing and at some point something will click. This will not be easy but I have to keep pushing.

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